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SeekBuzz is a Mukilteo, Washington-based freelance digital marketing agency that delivers search engine optimized / SEO content and digital marketing expertise to businesses that want to be found on the internet. We can help your business tell your story more effectively through high quality, research-based copywriting, content strategy and thought leadership, super simple business websites and creative SEO techniques.

Our digital marketing team delivers fresh data and insight that helps you better understand your customers, why they buy from you, what they are seeking from their digital experience and how to attract them to your brand.

We offer content strategy and copywriting services that bring together effective storytelling and effective search strategy, along with deep industry knowledge and expertise across a variety of media platforms.

We pride ourselves on creating interesting and informative content that gets found, shared and acted upon online. Our work has been published in top publications like INC., Forbes, US News and Money, and Huffington Post.

At SeekBuzz, we tell stories and create online experiences that turn strangers into happy customers.

Let Seekbuzz help you be found online.

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I have to admit that when I first heard about chatbots, I thought they sounded too complex for most small businesses. However, as we all know, it’s getting more difficult to compete for attention online. A recent survey by MailChimp found that email opens now hover in the high teens to low 20 percent range,… Read More

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My social media feed is being flooded with posts about the new Facebook algorithm. Many of these posts claim that because of the changes Facebook recently made, people will now only be seeing a select few friends in their feed. Perhaps if you’re a small business owner running a business page, you’re worried people will… Read More

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What’s social proof? If you’re a business owner with a beautiful web design or a social media presence that isn’t translating to actual customer conversions (people contacting you about your business), social proof – or lack of it – could be one reason why. What’s Social Proof? Social proof is a way of displaying the… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

It has been my pleasure to work with SeekBuzz for over a year as one of our top content contributors. SeekBuzz is incredibly professional, never fails to meet a deadline, does great research, and is able to create quality SEO-optimized content on a wide range of highly technical topics related to B2B sales, technology, marketing, and more. ~ S.L., New York, N.Y.

SeekBuzz did a great job on our project and has become an integral part of our marketing team. SeekBuzz goes above and beyond so the team can succeed and has become a pillar in our organization. I highly recommend SeekBuzz! ~ P.P., Abilene, TX

Where we’ve struggled to find freelancers who can successfully write for our audience, SeekBuzz’s work really stands out. I would recommend SeekBuzz to any company looking for a strong writer who can go beyond the superficial and really dig into complex topics that are relevant to your business. ~ S.L., New York, N.Y.

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