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Founded by a former real estate agent, Seekbuzz has unique insight into how real estate agents can leverage value-added, SEO optimized content to generate leads and drive sales. Here’s the story of how that insight came to be.

Our Real Estate Story

After completing her Master’s degree in Digital Media, Seekbuzz founder Sandy Kaduce transitioned careers from technology to real estate and started one of the first real estate blogs in the Seattle area. She used it to attract clients during the last real estate market downturn, despite being told:

“you can’t attract clients online.”

It’s no news nowadays, but it turns out you actually can…IF you have great content and stories to tell and IF you distribute them where your buyers and sellers are looking.

So she went ahead and built a blog, and eventually that’s how about half of her clients found her. And when they did, they were usally pre-sold and ready to work with her as their agent.

Keyword strategy was still in its infancy back then, and content strategy was too. What made it work was the value-added, relationship-oriented content created for the site. The tone was friendly and informative, focused on creating content that was unlike what our competitors were doing. Sandy just said “NO” to mass produced articles from content farms and agent-focused content that didn’t fulfill the audience’s search intent along their home buying or selling journey.

Instead, she kept our focus firmly on the customer. She wrote about what she thought her clients wanted and needed to know about buying and selling real estate in the Seattle area — NOT self promotional content.

She was blazing a trail back then…but it still worked.

Adding Value Creates Trust

The reason it worked was simple. When you focus on the value to the customer, you create trust. That was true then, and it still holds true today. The value of content is in its ability to inform and educate, and that is where we focus.

Today, we work with real estate agents and brokerages around the country to develop content strategies that support their business needs. We have learned a lot since those early days. Today we are a lot more strategic about determining our client’s content needs, and the keyword strategies and content distribution channels that will allow them to reach their customers best.

But we still keep customer value and our clients’ brands at the top of our minds.

We write SEO-optimized content that’s focused on delivering real estate buyers and sellers to your site – but we don’t write for Google positioning and search engines. We write for human readers. Our content positions you as the trusted authority in your market – and that (along with a little bit of “secret sauce”) is ultimately what improves your search engine results.

The content we write is different because our approach is different. We write unique, well-researched content that fosters trust and human relationships. Improving your rank with search engines is a side effect.

Content and Digital Marketing Services For Real Estate

We offer custom content and copywriting services for real estate agents to support your marketing needs. We do it all, from full fledged digital marketing strategy and execution, to content marketing and email campaigns, to straightforward copywriting assignments. Starting from scratch with content strategy and need the works? Overloaded at work and need some brochure copy? No problem, give us a call.

We do ghostwriting and PR too. We’ll pitch your stories, write your articles and you get all the credit! No time to figure out how to get better results from your PPC? We’ve got you covered.

Lastly, if you prefer doing it yourself and just need a little guidance to improve your skills, we offer online courses to help you access the digital marketing and content strategy, social media and copywriting know-how that real estate agents need to begin creating value based relationships online.

If you’re a real estate agent who’s ready to build your business with online content, contact Seekbuzz today. Let us help you engage your audience and empower your brand through content.

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