The SeekBuzz digital marketing team is small but mighty. The team is led by Sandy Kaduce, owner and Queen Bee of SeekBuzz, and supported by contributions from trusted partners in a variety of specialties including design and technical development depending on our clients’ needs.

Team Member: Sandy Kaduce

Owner and Queen Bee

Sandy has nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing, managing projects large and small, from content strategy and development, to online lead generation, article writing, PR, automated email and social media campaigns.

Sandy’s resume reads like a history of digital marketing. She has been involved in web content development and email marketing since 2000, she began blogging in 2004 starting with Blogger shortly after its launch and placed her first AdWords display ad in 2005. She soon moved on to site development on the self-hosted WordPress and Joomla platforms, social media, and more.

In addition to technical skills, Sandy has significant experience in a variety of industries, particularly real estate and technology.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Communications Leadership / Digital Media from the University of Washington and is a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Passed: SEMRush Certification for Content Marketers


Passed: Google Analytics for Beginners


Passed: Adwords Fundamentals

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